We are delighted that you are interested in volunteering at SCLC. Thank you! Without our dedicated volunteers, fewer people would receive legal help from SCLC.

You Make a Difference

Thank you very much to our many volunteers who have made an ongoing commitment to help people with disabilities prevent and overcome homelessness.

Number of Volunteers
Number of Hours
Estimated Value of Volunteer Time

Before filling out the volunteer application, please read on to learn more about our volunteer program. There are several opportunities available at the Seattle Community Law Center for volunteers.  At any given time, we may have a demand for volunteers in the following roles:

  • Board Members (5-6 hours/month)
  • Fundraising Intern (10+hours/week)
  • Fundraising Committee Volunteer (2+ hours per month)
  • Marketing Committee Volunteer (2+ hours per month)
  • Information Technology (periodic)
  • Grant Writing (flexible and project dependent)
  • Data Entry (flexible and project dependent)
  • Office Administration and Filing (5 hours per month)
  • Intake Advocate (4+ hours/week)
  • Volunteer Attorney Advocate (flexible)
  • Student Legal Advocate (10+ hours/week)
  • Student Policy Advocate (flexible and issue dependent)
  • Paralegal Advocate (4+ hours/week)

Our capacity to welcome new volunteers hinges upon several factors, the primary ones are:

  • Capacity of SCLC Staff to mentor and train;
  • The number of volunteers that are currently participating in our programs;
  • The strength of fit between the needs of SCLC and the strengths of the volunteer; and
  • The ability of the volunteer to commit to a defined period of time.



If you would like to volunteer at SCLC, please attach an up-to-date resume after you complete our volunteer application. We will review your relevant experience and evaluate your strengths and availability.  SCLC will contact you to discuss whether there are opportunities at SCLC that are a good match for you at this time.

If we find a good match, we will invite you to come in and meet one or more staff members, and learn more about what we do. Before our volunteers begin logging hours at SCLC, they are provided a three-hour training program to learn about how our offices work and our methods of practice. This training also includes an introduction to our space, our technology, and our affiliation with the Washington Alliance for Equal Justice. We also familiarize volunteer candidates with how SCLC maintains confidentiality and the safety for our clients.

We have structured our volunteer orientation to maximize the effectiveness of the time our volunteers spend at the SCLC, and to ensure that each volunteer has the best opportunity to make an impact for our clients.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Please click here to fill out the Volunteer Application.