Benefits of Giving

SCLC succeeds with your help!


Financial and medical stability is a necessity for all.

Your support not only helps each of our clients, but it also helps the community at large. When people get the benefits they are entitled to, it allows them to escape the risk and realities of homelessness and achieve stable permanent housing, gain access to necessary medical treatment, afford nutritious food, and make their own contributions to our community.

The personal costs of homelessness are immeasurable, as are the effects of homelessness on our local infrastructure. Supporting SCLC supports each individual and also makes a contribution to our community as a whole.

Your contribution will be managed with integrity. The SCLC board of directors meets monthly to govern the organization, provide fiscal oversight, assess strategies and create plans to achieve our mission.  95% of financial contributions go to directly funding the services we provide to clients. SCLC is certified by Network for Good, and the Seattle Foundation. Please read more about our good stewardship in our SCLC 2017 Annual Report.

  • Approx People served in 2009: 300 – Total Number of staff: 3
  • Approx People served in 2010: 350 – Total Number of staff: 4
  • Approx People served in 2011: 600 – Total Number of staff: 4.5
  • Approx People served in 2012: 900 – Total Number of staff: 5.5
  • Approx People served in 2015: 1000 – Total Number of staff: 6
  • Approx People served in 2017: 1117 – Total Number of staff: 6
  • Approx People served in 2018: 1247 – Total Number of staff: 6

SCLC is becoming more and more efficient and effective in how we administer our funds, and we are continually doing more with less.  Here are some suggestions of gifts you can make:

  • $200 donation will support one 2 hour shelter visit for DHAP
  • $500 will help with case development
  • $2,700 will help us serve one client
  • $1000 donation will support one overpayment clinic for a day
  • $7,000 will pay the rent for SCLC for one month
  • $10,000 will pay for the Mobile Legal Unit for one month