Social Security Advocacy Project (SSAP)


SCLC’s Social Security Advocacy Project (SSAP) has been delivering services to the community since 1997. SSAP is dedicated to assisting people with disabilities who are unable to obtain representation due to the nature of the problem they are having with their Social Security benefits. Clients have a difficult time finding representation in overpayment, reduction, cessation, and termination matters. We call these with post-entitlement issues. It is difficult to find representation in these cases because these matters typically generate little to no attorneys fees.  SSAP was built to help people with these types of problems, and it is the only project of its kind in the region.

The Social Security Advocacy Project at SCLC provides legal information, advice, or representation to recipients of disability-related Social Security benefits to ensure they receive the highest level of benefit they are entitled to so that they can maintain access to housing as well as healthcare.

Who SSAP serves: low-income recipients of disability-related benefits from Social Security.

When SSAP can help: when a recipient has been assessed an overpayment, or her benefits have been reduced or terminated.

What services SSAP provides: referral, legal information, counsel and advice, direct representation, and legal clinics.

Why SSAP?: low-income disability benefit recipients already live on a fixed income. If that income is reduced or if their entitlement is found to have ended, they are at risk of losing their housing and/or their health insurance. Moreover, these recipients are generally unable to secure representation from the private bar because these types of cases do not generate an attorney’s fee.

If you would like more information about this project, please call or email us at (206) 686-7252 or

If you have a problem with your Social Security benefits, you can call (206) 686-7252 or submit this form to see if we can help you with your problem.