Self Help Materials

Social Security’s rules about who and when a person may be eligible for SSI or SSDI are complicated.  Once a person is receiving SSI or SSDI, there are a number of questions or problems that may arise.  SCLC and its partners have developed several publications that can help empower people and families to get the answers that they need to solve a Social Security problem independently.

You do not always need an attorney to represent you in a Social Security issue.  Often times, people contact SCLC seeking verification about whether they are navigating the system well on their own.  The process of appealing a notice from Social Security takes diligence, patience, and the capacity to understand the rules.  These publications may be helpful if you are navigating this process independently or helping a friend or family member.

SCLC Overpayment Self-help Guide

SCLC Continuing Disability Review Self-help Guide

SCLC Age 18 Redetermination Self-Help Guide