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Were you recently denied SSI or SSDI?

Have you received an overpayment notice?

Have your benefits been terminated?

We are here to help. client-4

 SCLC’s staff members are skilled paralegals and attorneys who specialize in aiding those with disabilities obtain and maintain the Social Security benefits they are entitled to, with a focus on those who are a facing the risks and reality of homelessness.

 In 2015, SCLC helped nearly 1000 people with Social Security problems


SCLC’s DHAP helps homeless clients in local shelters.

Many who live with disabilities need help through the appeals process. The Social Security appeals process can be overwhelming and confusing for anyone. Getting the paperwork you need to have your case properly handled is a challenge, and without proper handling your appeal is mostly likely to be denied.

Let’s start the conversation about how we can help you get the aid you need.

You are not alone in what you are going through – we would like to help!

Problems We Help With

  • Applying for SSI and SSDI
  • Appealing denials of SSI and SSDI
  • Appealing overpayment notices
  • Establishing overpayment repayment plans
  • Appealing termination notices
  • Continuing disability reviews
  • Social Security eligibility and warrants

SCLC’s Social Security Advocacy Project (SSAP) helps people who are already receiving SSI or SSDI when they have a problem with their benefits.  SSAP is the only program in the State of Washington that is dedicated entirely to helping people when Social Security threatens to stop or reduce disability payments.  Usually, Social Security will send a notice explaining that you have been overpaid or that you are no longer eligible for benefits.  If you get a notice like this you can contact SCLC at (206) 686-7252 or by filling out our online help request form.

SCLC’s Disabled Homeless Advocacy Project (DHAP) helps people who are homeless and applying for Social Security benefits (SSI or SSDI).  In addition to meeting with clients at our offices, we also have regular intake and appointment hours at several local shelters, and may be able to meet you at an alternate location. Current community intake hours are held at: Chief Seattle Club, Compass Housing Alliance, Angeline’s, and DESC.

You are not alone we are here to help.


SCLC is a collection of dedicated advocates.

What type of benefit problems do you help with?

SCLC helps clients with Social Security Problems. This includes applications, appeals, overpayments, continuing disability reviews, and benefit terminations.

Who qualifies financially for your services?

SCLC serves people who are below 200% of the federal poverty level, and we prioritize cases of people who are 125% of the federal poverty level and lower.

What happens when I contact Legal Aid for help?

The first step in providing aid is to determine whether you are financially eligible for our services. We use the Federal Poverty Guidelines to determine this. Next, we find out if SCLC is the best fit for your case. We may ask you to send copies of notices and other important paperwork. We will also look at whether we have the resources necessary to help you.  After making this assessment, SCLC will do one of the following:

  • Give you advice or educational information to help you with the next steps in the legal process;
  • Refer you to a private attorney;
  • Invite you to receive one-time limited assistance with your case;
  • Offer to represent you in your legal matter; or
  • If you do not qualify for our services, we will connect you directly with one of our community partners that is better able to help.

Federal Poverty Guidelines

Household Size 100% 133% 150% 200% 300% 400%
1 $11,490 $15,282 $17,235 $22,980 $34,470 $45,960
2 $15,510 $20,268 $23,265 $31,020 $46,530 $62,040
3 $19,530 $25,975 $29,295 $39,060 $58,590 $78,120
4 $23,550 $31,322 $33,325 $47,100 $70,650 $94,200
5 $27,570 $36,668 $41,335 $55,140 $82,710 $110,280
6 $31,590 $42,015 $47,385 $63,180 $94,770 $126,360
7 $35,610 $47,361 $53,415 $71,220 $106,830 $142,440
8 $39,630 $52,708 $59,445 $79,620 $118,890 $158,520
For each addtional person, add $4,020 $5,347 $6,030 $8,040 $12,060 $16,080