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Thanks RealNetworks!

posted by: Alex Doolittle, March 10, 2014

Over the course of the year we get the opportunity to sit down with a number of community members and businesses who are interested in learning about our work.  Recently, employees of RealNetworks came to SCLC to learn about our work and the importance of the economic stability that is achieved for people with disabilities when they gain access to Social Security benefits.

Today, RealNetworks employee Andrew Cho came back to SCLC to deliver some wonderful words of encouragement, and a grant of $10,000 from RealNetworks.

 photo 2

RealNetworks, we are very thankful for your support.  Your work to change how people access media, and your ability to push the boundaries of what is possible, is an inspiration to us all.   Thank you!

photo 1

Thank you!



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