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SCLC partners with generous organizations in its mission to provide legal aid, and to ensure that clients gain access to the resources that they need.  Use the interactive map below to learn more about SCLC’s network.

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Please support the interdependent missions of our current community partnerships.

If your agency is interested in partnering with SCLC, please contact us at (206) 686-7252, or email

The Compass Housing Alliance

Founded in 1920, the Compass Housing Alliance provides a range of services to people struggling with homelessness and poverty in the Seattle Area. From providing warm showers, to moving individuals in/out of permanent housing, the Compass Housing Alliance helps Seattle’s most vulnerable populations regain peace of mind.


The Compass Housing Alliance

Chief Seattle Club

Founded in 1970, the Chief Seattle Club physically and spiritually supports American Indian and Alaskan Native communities.  The Chief Seattle Club is the only organization in the city to connect homeless and low-income native people with distant reservations, cultures, and languages, along with providing access to relatives in Washington.

Downtown Emergency Service Center

Founded in 1979, the Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) provides adults living with behavioral health disorders and chronic homelessness a place to come out of the cold. Their mission is not merely to offer shelter, but to end the homelessness in our community’s most vulnerable populations. The DESC offers an integrated assortment of clinical services and supportive housing options. On a quest for security, community, and hope, DESC opens its doors to help the homeless.

Angeline’s Women’s Shelter at YWCA

Founded in 1987, Angeline’s Day Center for Women offers a safe, welcoming place in Seattle for women living on the streets or in the shelters. Located on 3rd & Lenora in Belltown, Angeline’s offers a daytime safe haven from the danger and uncertainty of the streets. Drop-in services include meals, laundry, showers, counseling, workshops, and connections to necessary services.

South Sound Outreach

Founded in 1996, South Sound Outreach offers services to seniors and people with disabilities living in Pierce County. South Sound Outreach helps in choreographing EBT grocery cards, social security advocacy, Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) applications, medical benefits, and more. South Sound Outreach operates from 46 locations across Pierce county.

The Family Assistance Program at Solid Ground

Founded in 1974, Solid Ground works against poverty, racism, and overlooked institutions that encourage poverty in Seattle. Located in the Wallingford neighborhood, Solid Ground’s 30 programs help approximately 55,000 impoverished households each year, and offer services to build a better future for King County and beyond.

Seattle Jobs Initiative

Founded in 1995, the Seattle Jobs Initiative provides applied training for low-income individuals. The Seattle Jobs Initiative creatively provides educational resources, colligate navigation, housing consultation, childcare, and transportation. The Seattle Jobs Initiative gives participants the best opportunity to fulfill their career paths towards secure, fair-labor employment.