SCLC Board of Directors

SCLC is a small organization with a dynamite board. Because SCLC is small, contributions of time and talent from board members are as important as donations of money. In order for the board to cover its broad spectrum of responsibility, it seeks to attract individuals with a diverse skill set.

SCLC board members have a passion for the mission of the organization, and are intent on furthering that mission through one or more avenues. SCLC’s board of directors donate time and energy to carry out the fiduciary responsibilities of the governing body. SCLC board members also assist in growing the organization through procurement of financing, personal donation, and volunteer recruitment.

SCLC Board Members


Maryann Nelson
SCLC President
C-level Consulting

Ross Buchanan
SCLC Secretary

Cristy Stone
L4 Digital

Abigail Daquiz
US Dept. of Labor

 Tom Charlesworth
Fidelity Information Services

Nathan Craft
Upaya Social Ventures

 Jay Stansell
The Evergreen State College

Jay Doran
Equal Justice Coalition

 Tim Moran
Kipling Law Group, P.L.L.C.

 Kelly Berg
Gates Foundation

Chad Beck

Board Member Recruitment

We are always looking for new board members!  SCLC supports some of the most challenged individuals in our neighborhoods. As economic conditions have deteriorated and government support for social programs has decreased, the need for engaged supporters has escalated. To meet that need we are looking for enthusiastic, mission-supportive people; eager to try their hand at development, and get experience as a non-profit board member. Take a look at SCLC’s Board Member Profile, and our Board Responsibilities and Board Member Job Description.  Contact SCLC if you are interested in serving on our board.

~SCLC Board of Directors,